Route 78 West 2/13/2011 back
Show #506 Someday You'll Understand


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     The York Brothers, Riding The Gravy Train-Bear Family, CD
02     Arthur Godfrey, The Man With A Weird Beard-78
03     Hal Lone Tree & Betty Cody, Fuzzy Wuzzy Teddy Bear-Bear Family, CD [1951]
04     Porter Wagner, Confessions of a Broken Man-RCA, LP
- break 10:15 am
05     Lloyd Green, Touch My Heart-Little Darling Records, LP
06     Ray LaMontagne, God Willin' and the Creek Don't Rise-CD
07     Dylan LeBlanc, If The Creek Don't Rise [new]
08     Wilco, I Am Trying To Break My Heart [demos]
- break 10:32 am
09     Hank Williams, The Closing Theme
10     Bobby Long, The Bounty of Mary Jane-ATO, CD
11     Drive-By Truckers, Where's Eddie-CD
12     Wanda Jackson, Busted-Nonesuch, CD [new]
13     Wanda Jackson, I Gotta Know-Ace, CD [1956]
14     Charline Arthur, Welcome to the Club-Bear Family, LP
- break 10:49 am
15     Chappaquiddick Skyline, Leave Me Alone [for Hucks]
16     Ryan Adams, You Will Always Be The Same-CD
17     Steve Earle, Valentine's Day-Warner Brothers, CD
- break 11:11 am
18     Fleet Foxes, Helplessness Blues [for Hank & Carrie]
19     Richard Buckner, Tether and the Tie
20     Acetone, Diamondhead-EP [hot track]
21     Fairview, Albatross
22     The Thunderchiefs, When You Walk On The Moon-Warmtone, CD
23     Harmonic 33, Funky Duck-Warp, CD [2004] [for Charles]
24     Chord, G6-Important Records, LP
- break 11:34 am
25     Chord, D Minor 7th-Important Records, LP
26     John Martyn, Solid Air-Hypertension Music, CD [hot track]
27     John Renbourn, Judy-Castle Music, CD [The Transatlantic Anthology] [for Brice]
28     Jason Molina, Protection Spells [rare, for Kevin]
- break 11:52 am
29     Uncle Tupelo, Effigy [rare]
Notes: Check the Denver/Boulder concert scene.