Route 78 West 3/13/2011 back
Show #510 Tyranny of Time


 track  artist, song-label, format
  01     Ukulele Loki, Daylight Savings
02     T.Texas Tyler, I'm Tired of It All-King, CD
03     Tom Russell, Bakersfield-CD
04     Buck Owens, Made In Japan-Time Life, CD
05     Peter Rowan, River Of Stone-Flying Fish, LP
- break 10:16 am
06     Lefty Frizzell, You're Tommorows Will Never Come-Columbia, CD
07     Leon Chappel, I'm Getting' Mighty Tired-Capitol, CD
08     Faron Young, Saving My Tears For Tomorrow-Jasmine, CD
09     Tom Waits, Time-Island, LP
10     Tom Russell, Old America-CD
- break 10:35 am
11     Sopwith Camel, Dancin' Wizard-Reprise, LP [for David, 1973]
12     Sandy Denny, Who Knows Where The Time Goes-Island, CD [demo]
13     Johnny Cash, Goodnight Irene-Columbia, CD
14     Bob Dylan, Roll On John-Smithsonian Folkways, CD
15     Joseph Spence, I Bid You Goodnight-Arhoolie, CD
- break 10:56 am
16     The Chambers Brothers, Time-Columbia, 45 [super mono]
17     Led Zeppelin, Babe I'm Going to Leave You [for Kevin, rare]
18     Fagaru Evolution, Ndougou-Mississippi Records, LP
19     Joseph Spence, Coming In On A Wing And A Prayer-Arhoolie, CD
20     The Panthers, Simmi Dance-Sublime Frequencies-LP [for the Surfin' Plowman]
21     The Aay Jays, Lal Qalander Lal-Sublime Frequencies-LP [for Charles]
22     The Vanduras, Lost Beach
23     Tom Russell, The Donkey Show-CD
- break 11:33 am
24     Drive-By Truckers, Go-Go Boots-ATO, CD
25     Sopwith Camel, Fazon-Reprise, LP [1973]
26     The Thunderchiefs, The Lonely Cosmonaut-Warmtone, CD
27     Peaking Lights, Hey Sparrow-LP
- break 11:55 am
28     Gabor Szabo, Gypsy '66-Impulse, LP [1965]

What's with the time change? It's an obsolete form of genetic drift.
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