Route 78 West 3/20/2011 back
Show #511 "Ferlin & Owsley"


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Ferlin Husky- I Wouldn't Treat A Dog Like You're Treating Me
Byrds- Candy
Jefferson Airplane- Mexico
Swervedriver How Does It Feel To Look Like Candy
Nisar Bazimi- Aesi Chai Main
Ferlin Husky- Eu the Camel
Beatles- Inner Light (45)
Steve Earle- Trancendental Blues
Ferlin Husky- Watch the Company You Keep
Sohain Rana- The Khyber Twist
Byrds- Stanley's Song
Peter Rowan- Thirsty In the Rain
Ferlin Husky- Slow Down Brother
Pink Mountaintops- How we Can Get Free
Beatles- Tomorrow Never Knows (drum & vocal track)
Grails- Space Oddessy
Rolling Stones- 2000 Light Years From Home (take 8-10)
Magnolia Electric Co- Hold On Magnolia (demo)
Heldon- Michel Ettori
Beatles- Rain (rhythm track)
The S'quires- Green surf
Ferlin Husky- That Big Old Moon
Adam Franklin- LSD Theme (Baroque Version)
Grateful Dead- Fire On the Mountain (outtake)
Beatles- Rain (backwards track)
Donovan- Fat Angel
Beatles- paperback Writer (bass track)
Grateful Dead- Proto 18 Proper (outtake)
Adam Franklin- Theme From LSD (Playground Version)
Multicast- Hawaii


"The farther one travels, the less one knows..." This one's for Ferlin Husky & Owsley Stanley who both passed away last week. There's plenty of sampledelic chicanery going on trying to connect the dots...

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