Route 78 West 3/27/2011 back
Show #512 'VDSQ'


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Redd Stewart & His Kentucky Colonels- Brother Drop Dead
Tiny Hill- I'm Behind the Eight Ball
Jesse Rogers & His 49ers- Mind Your Own Business
Hank Nobel- Wa-Ha-Na (The Cree Maiden's Prayer)
Spade Cooley & His Band- Big Chief Boogie
- - -
Jonny Cash- One Too Many Mornings
Fred Neil- Everybody's Talking
Grant Peeples- My People Come From the Dirt
Lucinda Williams- I Don't KNow How You're Livin
Drive-By Truckers- Where's Eddie
Rachel Harring- House of Cards
Los Robbins- Ceibita en verano
- - -
Pearl Jam- Better Man (demo)
Ennio Morricone- I Crudeli
The Moe Greene Specials- Quintana Sixteen
Los Robbins- El preso No 9
- - -
Matthew Mullane- Once Was Is Once Again Part II (VDSQ Solo Acoustic Guitar Vol 4)
Neil Young- Looking For A Love
Mark McGuire- At First Sign (VDSQ Solo Acoustic Guitar Vol 2)
Allen Karpinski- High Altitude / Apparition Bluff (VDSQ Solo Acoustic Guitar Vol 6)
Joshua Emery Blatchley- Vestopol Blues (VDSQ Solo Acoustic Guitar Vol 1)
Ted Sturgeon- Mandostrumm III
- - -
John Renbourn- Lucky Thirteen
Chris Brokaw- Dream Room (VDSQ Solo Acoustic Guitar Vol 3)
Thurston Moore- De Ryck Arend Dubbel (VDSQ Solo Acoustic Guitar Vol 5)
Grails- Future Primitive / All The Colors of the Dark (for Jayro)
Swervedriver- Last Day On Earth


This show seems to have two distinct parts, shot out of the box Honky Tonk with a slow and laconic middle section of some fine new Americana, and the second hour of stellar new Advanced Acoustic Guitar featuring a track from each of the releases to date on the Vin Du Select Qualitie label. The ghosts of Takoma Records are rippling still in these fine releases. Can't recommend them enough...

Check out VDSQ & Munster Records & Happy 90th Birthday, Betty!